Do you want to improve your WordPress site performance? If yes, then you have to first improve the loading speed of your WordPress site. Website loading speed does not only improve your site performance and user experience, but it is considered to be a most important SEO ranking factor. Google has said in one of its algorithm that the website which will be fast loading in search engine, its ranking will be improved. In today’s article, we will tell you some of the best WordPress Optimization Tips that will help improve your WordPress site’s loading speed and performance.

Note: If your WordPress site’s loading speed is improved, then your site performance will automatically improve.
Best WordPress Optimization Tips for Your Performance

1 WordPress SEO Tutorial Guide
1.1 # 1. Check
1.2 # 2. SEO Friendly URL Structure
1.3 # 3. Proper use of Category and tags
1.4 # 4. Use Media (Image and Video)
1.5 # 5. Internal Linking
1.6 # 6. Nofollow External Links
1.7 # 7. Post Comment
1.8 # 8 Submit Site to Webmaster
1.9 # 9 Optimize Blog Post
1.10 # 10. Website Speed
1.11 # 11. Responsive Design
1.12 # 12. With and without www
1.13 # 13. Add sitemap.xml
1.14 # 14. Install and activate best WordPress SEO plugin
1.15 # 15. Start using SSL
1.16 # 16. Backlink

One by one, I can explain all points. Whenever you open any post, you will understand only after reading it.

# 1. Check

This option will be available in the settings tab of WordPress, whose screen is shown below.
When the website is in Under Construction mode, it should be tick-it-down.
Doing this does not crawl the Search Engine Website in Under Construction Mode.
Uncheck this box after the website final launch.
Admin Area> Settings> Reading
site visibility

#2. SEO Friendly URL Structure

URL Structure should be SEO Friendly Must Be Right
You can set the URL Structure from here to the option of Permalinks in the Settings tab.
Below is shown in the Screen Short.
URL structure

# 3 Proper use of Category and tags

After writing the post, use appropriate category and tag.
This is a very good thing of WordPress Platform which gives the freedom to divide Post into Tag and Category.
Find out the content of the Website itself from Search Engine Category and Tag.
Category and Tag are two different topics.
The correct use can be ranked in the Search Engine.

# 4. Use Media (Image and Video)

Media must be used according to the need.
Use Alt Tag with Image.

# 5. Internal Linking

Use the correct internal linking
By doing this Engagement increases, so that the Bounce rate is low.

# 6. Nofollow External Links

Nofollow External Link
Because giving Dofollow Backlink does not know the rank of the new website soon.

# 7. Post Comment

Approve Post Comment.
By approve Post Comment, the credibility of Post increases engagement.
Get Return Visitor from Engagement

# 8. Submit Site to Webmaster

It is a very big topic to discuss it in the next post. Many posts related to how SEO is done with Webmaster Tools have been done. Which you can read.

# 9 Optimize Blog Post

The meaning of optimize is Hindi. Write the Blog Post followed by the Search Engine Guideline.
All Search Engine’s Guidelines are almost Same.
Main Point: Keyword Proximity, Keyword Prominence and Keyword Density
Always write Quality Content

# 10. Website Speed

Check yourself from the example when doing some searches on the Internet Search Engine Result Show.
User clicks on any link from them.
If the site takes more time to load, then the user skips the second link.
Therefore, reduce the site’s loading speed.

# 11. Responsive Design

Responsive Design means the website’s Design Change according to the Screen of Device.
The Responsive Website just scrolls down the top.

# 12. With and without www

With and Without www both of these search engines understand differently.
Use Canonical Tag to avoid this.

# 13. Add sitemap.xml

Create a Sitemap in .xml form.
There are many plugins for generating a Sitemap.
A sitemap is automatically generated in almost all SEO Plugin.

# 14. Install and activate best WordPress SEO plugin

It is a very big topic in itself, wait for Next Post for this.

# 15. Start using SSL

Use HTTPS (Secure) with Site
The https site ranks the search engine quickly.
Many hosting providers are simultaneously giving the option of encryption.
If they do not provide then Cloudflare’s SSL can be used.

# 16. Backlink

If you are a Blogger then the value of the backlink will definitely be known. Please tell in comment so that other people are also able to know. Read this to know about Backlink in detail.

Fast loading speed is very important for any website. If your website loading speed is very slow, then any users will not like to visit your site and they will exit immediately from your site. Here we have shared the best Best WordPress Optimization Tips to improve website loading speed.

Optimize Your Database

Most sites use databases and they store all the information in it. However, your database can affect your website loading speed. That’s why you optimize the database of your WordPress site from time to time.

To optimize the WordPress site’s database, there are a lot of plugins available in the WordPress repository that help optimize your database. We use the WP-Optimize plugin to optimize the databases on our blog. Also do not forget to remove unwanted table from your database.

Use Caching plugin

When you use cache plugin in your WordPress site, these WordPress cache plugins generate static HTML files of your WordPress blog and when visitor visits a page on your site, replace these heavier PHP scripts with static HTML files Serve in front of visitors. The WP cache plugin helps you to get rid of slow loading times and helps improve the visitors and Google search rankings coming to your blog.

Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

CDN is a server network that serves content based on users’ geographic location.

When you use a content delivery server, it creates static content cache of your site’s images, stylesheets (CSS files), javascript, Flash, and stores on your servers. Now when a user visits your site (original server), content delivery network providers make them redirects to the nearest server.

Benefits of CDN service

Speed ​​- When you use the CDN service on your site, the loading speed of your site increases to a great extent.
Crash Resistance – If you have a high traffic blog, then it prevents your site from crashing. When a visitor visits your site from the UK and locates on your site India server, then CDN redirects those visitors to the nearest server of the UK and low load on your site server.
Improved User Experience
Improvement in SEO – Google has explicitly said that fast-loading sites receive high rank in search engines.
Remove Unused Media / Theme / Plugin
Clean the unwanted Media / Theme / Plugin from your site that is useless on your site. Unwanted Media takes extra space in your WordPress site. So we highly recommend you, delete media that is not useful for your site. This will reduce the size of your WordPress database.

How to Delete Unused Images from WordPress Site

In addition, Unused plugins and themes can create security vulnerabilities for your site and can also affect WordPress site performance.

Minify CSS, HTML, Javascript

By minify HTML, CSS and Javascript from your site, you can greatly improve your site performance. Minification reduces your web page size, which improves the loading speed of your site.

Even Google’s advises to minify javascript and CSS files. Website loading speed is a very important factor for good SEO of website or blog.

Optimize Images

You can provide better speed and performance to visitors by compressing and optimizing the upload image in your WordPress site. There is a lot of image optimization plugin available in WordPress repository for WordPress image optimizer, in which you have to choose the best compressor plugin. Here we have listed some of the Best Image Optimizer WordPress Plugins, which you can use on your website.

When you upload images to your website, Image Optimizer WordPress Plugins reduces their size by compressing those images, which reduces the webpage size and your site is faster loading than before.

Enable GZIP Compression

GZIP Compression improves the website loading speed by decreasing your web page size. You can download a good plugin from WordPress repository to compress your WordPress site’s resources. Although there are two most popular caching plugins that allow you to enable GZIP compression – WP Rocket and W3 Total Cache.

You can use Check GZIP compression tool to check GZIP compression on your site.
Upgrade to PHP 7

PHP 7 makes your site Blazing Fast and More Secure. PHP 7 comes with many improvements that directly benefit your WordPress website. We already told you that it makes your site very fast and secure. always advises users to use latest version PHP for better security and performance.

Use Fast Loading WordPress Theme
Choosing a fast loading wordpress theme is very important for any website. If you do not choose a well-coded WordPress theme for your site, it badly affects both your website loading speed and performance.

If you want to use the free fastest wordpress theme on your site, we will recommend you the theme of GeneratePress or Mythemeshop and for the paid theme, Genesis Framework

These are some of the best WordPress Optimization Tips that can greatly improve your website performance. Apart from this, you should also consider the selection of the right web hosting for your WordPress website. There are several hosting companies that promise to provide your WordPress website fast loading. But after buying the host from them, you will feel that you have been fooled by them and your hosting expenses have gone waste.

Therefore, we recommend Bluehost web hosting which offers good service at a low price. Apart from this, it gives you a domain for free for a year.