Today in this article, we will tell you how to increase the loading speed of the WordPress website. Website loading speed greatly influences both your search ranking and user experience.

For a better user experience and search result, your website loading speed should be within 3 seconds. According to Google, a fast loading website receives high rankings in search results. Therefore, we will discuss some great ways to improve website loading speed.

So let’s start …

How to increase the loading speed of the WordPress website

Here we are going to give you some great suggestions, which you can improve, greatly improve your website loading speed.

Use WP Rocket
WP Rocket is a premium WordPress cache plugin that comes with easy settings. This plugin fixes your website loading speed, improves both website performance and user experience. In addition, you can also take advantage of the lazy load feature.

WP Rocket minifies your site’s HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files, which reduces your page size, and the site is fast loading compared to the previous one.

WP Rocket comes with three different pricing plans (Personal, Business and Professional). For Personal Plan, you will need to spend $ 39.

Key Features

  • Simple and minimal configuration
  • Support Page Caching
  • Cache Preloading
  • GZIP Compression
  • Automatic Browser Caching
  • Static Files Compression
  • Lazy load for images
  • Support CDN network

Minify HTML, JavaScript and CSS file

If you have a budget problem, you can use W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, or WP Fastest Cache plugin for your blog or website. These plugins are available for free, popular and free in WordPress repository.

CDN is very helpful for increasing loading speed of any website. It servers your website content based on Visitor’s Geographical Location. In addition, it creates your site’s cache files on your server, and when a visitor comes to your site, it serves cache files to the visitor and your site loads quickly in the visitors’ devices.

You can use MaxCDN and Cloudflare CDN on your site. We use Cloudflare CDN on our blog and also advise you. Its free plan works very well for small websites. In addition, it also offers a free SSL certificate for Lifetime.

Cloudflare is a very good free CDN for any website’s loading speed better.

Some quick tips to fix website loading speed

  • Use GZIP compression to reduce Page size
  • Minify JavaScript and CSS
  • Optimize images uploaded to your site
  • Do not use too many redirects
  • Choose a good web hosting
  • Check and delete spam comments
  • Optimize your database
  • Fast loading wordpress theme
  • Delete unwanted plugin, theme, media and widget
  • Remove query strings from static resources

Be serious to increase website speed. Because if you do not keep the website speed increase, then forget about bringing traffic.

After creating website / blog, we want more visitors to come to our website.

But if Website Speed ​​is not good then traffic on the website will not come at all.

We want to increase the traffic of our website every day.

The more traffic you get, the more chance you can earn. But have you ever thought or noticed?

What is the Time of Your Website?

No !

If you do not yet know what your website’s loading time is, then check it immediately before.

For this, you go inside this website and enter your URL and click Start Test.
You can see here the result of my website wtechni is Load Time 2.71 Second in it.

Here I am telling you about some websites where you can locate the loading time. Find out how your website’s performance is working, how much is the website speed, What is Loading Time?

Website speed checker Tools

  • Pingdom
  • GTmetrix
  • Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

According to Google, if the website speed is low and loading time is greater than 4 second

The visitor closes on that website.

You have already experienced this experience yourself. When you search any information in Google, you will be clicking on a link in the result.

If the website opens early then you will have to close immediately or you will have to close immediately. Nobody likes to wait nowadays.

Everyone wants to work in the internet as soon as possible.

In such a situation, if the website has more time to load time, then who will stop on our website?

Before our website’s Google ranking is low,

We should boost up our Website Speed.

  • Factors on which website Speed ​​relies on.
  • Have at least content in Website’s homepage
  • Optimize Image Size.
  • Increase Website Speed ​​by Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • Use the good company’s hosting.
  • Do not place more ads in Blog / Website pages.
  • Use fast and responsive theme
  • Use Cloudflare for SSL Encryption will speed it up.

How to Boost Up Website Speed?

Here I will tell you about some plugins that we can use to increase the WordPress Website Speed.

Also, Loading can be reduced so that our visitors continue to come on our website.

W3 Total Cache
EWWW Image Optimizer
Know how we can increase our website speed by using these plugins.

We have discussed this in the top about what are the important factors for Website Speed.

W3 Total Cache is a very good and popular plugin in which all the factors given above are covered.

This plugin gives us the convenience of increasing Website Speed ​​in every way.

We have to do this once in a proper configuration.

Some Important Setting in W3 Total Cache

In the General Setting, we have to enable Page Cache and some features allow us to remain Disable.

Enable these features and configure them.

Page Cache

Browser Cache

Leave these features disabled only.


Database Cache

Object Cache

Inside the Page Cache, you have to enable these features by ticking them.
And leave the Untick to those who are not in this list.

Cache posts page

SSL (https) requests

Cache 404 (not found) pages

Do not

Do not

Now enable these features by clicking on Browser Cache Pay,
Set expires header

entity tag (ETag)

Set W3 Total Cache header

Enable HTTP (gzip) compression

Remove query strings from static resources

After that, save Setting.

EWWW Image Optimizer
When we start blogging, then we do not know much.

And we upload images without compressing them or without optimizing them.

This increases our website’s load time.

Why load heavy images on page is more time consuming.

And due to this our website Speed ​​decreases.

We have uploaded the images that have already been uploaded without optimizing them to reducing their size to this plugin.

For this, we will open the WordPress Dashboard and then go to Setting.

From there we will open Image Optimizer.

Here we do not have to do some settings. In this we have to optimize the images.

Just like the images shown below, you have to follow the process.
As you can see in Screenshot

Here we have to click on Bulk Optimize.

After this we will move to the next option.
Here we have to scan, we will be able to optimize any images that are available in our website, with the help of this plugin.

As soon as you start optimizing, you will take your time according to the quantity of images

And Reduce the size of all the images.

Once Optimization is complete, go back to Pingdom and check your Website Speed.

You will see 100% Improvements and you will find that the load time has been reduced.