Friends, today we are going to talk about Top 5 Unbeaten Link Building Tactics In 2018 and we will learn about some High-Quality Link Building tricks. Which can help a lot in bringing our Keyword to the # 1 page on Search Result.
In 2018, to bring the website to the first page, Two Major factors.
High-Relevant Content
High-Authority Link Building
How to make content of good quality? We have already talked about what we should do for this and have also created Content Optimization video tutorials about it. From here you can check.
We also talked about Beginner Backlink Tactics. But today we can create Top 5 Unbeaten Link Building which can be created using the Expert level technique. Here are some of the links we will talk about when developing link building tactics, as well as for all individual personal bloggers as well as professional SEO Experts.
PR Strategy:
Public Relation means that the work of PR Department is to increase the reach of a company, to build a Strong Brand and gain maximum publicity for the company. But if you are a blogger then you have to do it yourself.
PRO TIP: Use of PR is Brand Technique of Awareness and Popularity. We do not make Link Earn through PR, so in order to build Link Build, we do not have to forget about our main purpose.
As a Blogger we can use PR Strategy to access your blog to a new destination. For this, just have to build a Media Relation, which will give us Opportunity of Relevant content Placement at High-Authority Websites. for example…
Yourstory may be Best Link Building Source for PR Professionals, as we can get Brand awareness from here and also High Authority Link,
Newsjacking has a Technique that is used to Enhance and Popular Story in Field of Use and Digital Marketing. Basically, Newsjacking gives us the Benefit in Search engine ranking and inbound link Building and it has more features as well. Which has been better told on Hubspot blog.
How to use Newsjacking? And how can you make Link Generate? This is a little technical process.
For this, we have to be prepared and we will have to wait for our blog / Business niche related trend news. For this, we can use “Google Alert” and use Social Media Alert. So that we got the first information about Trend news and we could publish it by Amplify.
Link Reclamation:
It is not always necessary that we search the New Link Building Opportunity and create a link. It is necessary that we have created the link which is right and that which is not right is correct. The process of fixing the Website Damage Link is called Link Reclamation.
For this, we can use many SEO Link Analysis Tools, such as
Screaming Frog SEO
Ahrefs Tool
With the help of these we can find all the Lost Link, unwanted Links of the Website and fix them. I have explained this in the Webmaster Tool Video Tutorial.
Resource Page:
Resource Page is a website’s Simple Web page or Landing Page. As an example, the Resource Page of the History section on an educational blog can be Ancient History.
We just have to include our Website Link on the resource page and finding Resource page for Link Building is a little technical work. For this, we have to use different types of search tactics. for example…
To find related resource page with a particular topic or keyword, we need to use your keyword with link and resource work.
Keyword + “resources”
Keyword + “useful resources”
Keyword + “helpful resources
Keyword + “links”
Keyword + “useful links”
Keyword + “helpful links”
We can make our results more specific by using INURL and INTITLE Search.
Keyword + inurl: resources
Keyword + intitle: resources
Keyword + inurl: links
Keyword + intitle: links
Similarly, we can also find Resource Pages by using the Domain Filter and can create links.
site: .org Keyword + “resources”
site: .org Keyword + “links”
site: .edu Keyword + “resources”
site: .edu Keyword + “links”
After finding the Resource Page, we will have to submit Link through Suggestion or Request. For example, if we want to build Link through Request, then we have to find the Request Box and there will be a request about your website.
Local Citation:
Local Citation is the information on Local Business and Local Listing Submiting information about your Name, Address Air Business. Here’s the Local Search results of our Business / blog. There are 3 major components of Local Citation, name, address and phone number which are also known as NAP, along with many more components.

  • Business categories
  • Hours of operation
  • Driving directions
  • Business description
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Payment forms accepted
  • Geo-coordinates
  • Reviews
  • Owner responses
  • Taglines
  • Links to social and other forms of media
  • Email addresses
  • Fax numbers
  • Alternate phone numbers
  • Attributes

There are many such Business Listing and Local Listing Websites. Where we can submit information about our Business Blog and with Link Generate With this our search result gets boosted.
Like, if I search on the Vegetable Restaurant Keyword Google So I get information about many local restaurants before 1st Organic Search Result. Which is Possible due to Local Citation.
Some Popular Websites For Link Building via Local Citation
Google My Business
Friends, here I am Top 5 Unbeaten Link Building Tactics In 2018, these are all such techniques. Which can make High Quality Link Building for us. But for this we have to be aware of a little bit. Because if you are building a link from a website then it is important that the website has information about DA & PA.


What is Backlink – What is Backlink in SEO?
Backlink is a link that makes it a website to go from another website to your website. When a link to a web page is linked to the link to another web page, we are called backlink. With simplicity in language, you tell me more about backlink. As if to say that there is a good website where many visitors come to read articles in his page, if your site link is given in that web page, then visitors to that page can click on your site link and click on your web page Also, visitors to your site will continue to grow every day and your website will start coming to the search engine at a good rank. This is what we want to backlink.

You must have understood what the backlink is. Now you have some words related to it that you need to know about it very much then you will be able to understand it better and use it in your blog. So let’s know about those terms

1) Link Juice: When a link to a web page is linked to the link of any one article on your website or links to your homepage, link flow from there goes to your website, we are link juice. This link juice helps you rank your article and also improves your domain authority.

2) Low quality links: Low quality links are links that are coming to your website from any of the wrong sites, spam sites, or porn sites. Such links can only cause damage to your website, so whenever you use backlink in your blog, then take care of this thing that link to your blog should be linked to the high quality link.

3) High quality links: High quality backlinks comes from quality website. quality websites are those that are popular and have more value in google. If your website also receives backlink from the quality website then your website will get a high ranking in the search engine.

In quality backlink, you will have to keep an eye on the thing that you get backlink from authorative and relevant sites. This means that the niche you have created on your blog will have to get the backlink along with another blog related to that same niche. Let’s say that if your blog is above technology, then you have to get a backlink from another blog related to technology and link to any other fashion related blog, then you will not get any fiat.

4) Internal links: These are links which go from one page of your website to another page, we call it internal links. Let’s assume that an article on your website is very good at Google’s page and if you want to bring your second article to a good rank on google, you can link the two articles with each other.

So far we know what the backlink is? And we also know about some terms related to it. Now we will know how many types of backlinks are.

How many backlinks are – Types of Backlinks?
There are two types of backlink one dofollow backlink and the second is nofollow backlink. Let’s know about them in detail.

1 # DoFollow Backlink
I have already told you about link juice, the do-follow backlink link helps to pass the juice, which makes it possible to go from one website to another, link makes it a do-follow link. . By default all links which you give to another website or blog post are all do-follow backlinks. DoFollow link can help you increase the ranking of your site in the search engine and it can prove to be very favored for your blog. There is no attribute in a DoFollow link.

<a href=””> Link Text </a>

2 # NoFollow Backlink
Nofollow backlink does not pass link website to another website from one website. NoFollow links search engine also has no value. NoFollow link does not work at ranking your site. Apart from this, NoFollow backlinks prove to be somewhat fabulous for your blog, they give natural look to your profile link. If your whole link is DoFollow, google will find that your profile link is not natural and you can also penalise for it. Another link to this link is that if there is a link to another site in your site where some things you do not like or you feel wrong, then you can add NoFollow attribute with that link. This will not link your website to that website. For example:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”> Link Text </a>

Why is your blog backing up?
There is a lot of confusion about how to create a backlink in the mind of every new blogger. Getting a quality backlink for your blog is very important, which helps enhance and mobilize visitors to your blog. There is no limit to making backlinks. You can create as many backlinks as you want, but you have to create all those links from the quality website or even if you do not make thousands of backlinks, if they are not from the quality website then your blog There will be no fiat and Google may even go ahead and penalise your blog.

What is Professional Blogging?

How to create Free Blog and Website?
So to know how to create backlinks for your blog, please understand the given points as well.

1) Write quality content
This is the best way to get backlinks for your blog. Write the best quality content in your blog that your visitors like and learn something from that content. By writing good content, your website also comes to the best rank in Google page as soon as possible.

2) Make Sure Guest Blogging
Today, the popularity of guest blogging in the world of blogging is increasing very rapidly. Guest blogging means that some popular blogs have to submit their guest post. This is a great way to promote your blog in other popular blogs, so that visitors of that blog will gradually learn about your blog and your blog will start having traffic. With the help of Guest blogging you will get good backlinks.

3) Start commenting
Start commenting on other good blogs related to the niche of your own blog, this gives NoFollow links for your blog, but it is somewhat rewarding. In which the blogs you comment been the comment of the url of your blog as well as do not forget, you do start to more visitors to your blog as well get good backlinks and with him which will grow even rank your site.

Backlinks, blogs and websites have always been lucrative for us. I hope that from this article you will get information about all the things associated with backlink and how to make the backlink. So start using backlink to rank your blog quickly in google.