Hello friends, in this post, we will tell you what image optimization in seo and how do image optimization for your blog post? There are so many new bloggers who do not know how to make use of the images used in the blog post or they are not able to optimize their images properly, due to which their images search Do not come in and know that the post is right to get organic traffic. Therefore, in this SEO guide, we are about to give step by step to every image you use in the search engine friendly.

What’s the image optimization?

This is a process by which we make images of our blog posts search engine friendly. This means that we have to use our images in our blog or post to make them so that the search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, Yandex) likes them and join them in our search results.

Image optimization has to follow the points given below –

Download Topic related Image or Do It Yourself.
Rename Image.
Resize Image
To reduce the weight of the image or compress it.
Use alt tag in the image.
Add Alt Attribute to Image.
Optimizing Image Slug or image url
Image optimization is a very important process for seo, without it you can not make your blog post SEO friendly nor get good traffic. So let us now try to explain one point to detail
Why can I add an Image Optimization to my Blog Post?
If you are a blogger who does not know how to make the image search engine friendly correctly, then you must follow this post till the last one.

Post Related Image:

If you are a new blogger and do not have a good command on your graphics design, you can download any free image related to your blog post. But keep in mind that I have spoken of free images which are not copyrighted. This does not mean that you simply go to Google and search for an image and download it, such a copyright act applies to downloaded images.
If you have to download free images then you can use Pixabay, Canva. Because this website provides without copyrighted images. Or you can use it yourself by designing an image for your blog post from Adobe Photoshop software.

Rename images:

When you download an image from a website, its name is something like “01adsc.jpeg”. Now if you use this image without a rename in post, then this image will not be SEO friendly. Similarly, when you design an image yourself, it also has to change the name.

Suppose if your post is the primary keyword “image optimization” and your image is named “absdef.jpeg” then rename it to its name “image-optimization.jpeg”.

If you want to rename the first image of the post, you can rename it from the title of use post like “Image-Optimization-Sahi-Tarike-Se-Kaise-Kare.jpeg”. The most noteworthy thing about this is that the name of the image like url is also to use dash (-) and add to the main keyword image name of post is compulsory.

If you want to rename an image of a screen shot, you have to add related name to that screen shot image, you can also use other related keyword.

Resize images:

Resizing the image is also part of image optimization. When you download an image, its size (height and width) can be very high, so its file size is too high, so you should not keep your image size above 750 x 400 pixels and not less than 650 x 300 pixels Keep it. But remember that there is no need to resize images in the screen shot, only the first image in the post is to resize the use.

If I talk about myself, I use the first image of 700 x 350 pixels in my blog post and do not resize the screen shot because they are already in the crop.
Reduce image weight

It is very important to compress any image because if the file size of the image is high then it will use your hosting space more and your posting speed will also be unusable. So if you want to compress your images from Photoshop or you can compress the image by using TinyJPG or TinyPNG online tool.

Always try that the file size of your image is under 60kb And the file size of any screen shot should always be 100kb, if that is greater, that image will not be the best for your blog.

Add Image alt tag:

Now when you upload the image to your post, you can add your post title as an image alt tag for your first image in which your main keyword is adding.

If you add a screen shot to your post, then in alt tags, you should use the related keyword for your main keyword.

Important Note: – Do not add more images or screen shot to any post, just add images that are required for images, otherwise the speed of the page will be slow. Always add important screen shot and image is best.

Image Alt Attribute:

This is also a very good option to describe your images about what the image is about and the visitor easily understands why the image has been used and what it is about. Many bloggers do not use this option but I will recommend all bloggers to use Alt Attribute.
Optimize image slug:

Optimizing the URL of any image is very important for SEO, so always keep in mind that there is no question mark (?) Added to the last of your image URL, if your image is at the end of the slug question mark add, then immediately remove that question mark from the URL before publishing that image. Because this gives the problem of renderting your image to the search engine.

Your blog post to search engine’s top rank is a link to your blog post, but it is easy to associate with you, and if you want to get to the SEO site, then you will be able to search the blog post of SEO. The engine used to change the rank of the railway station. SEO does not affect your blog post to search engine optimization, but it does not work as a search engine on your blog post. If you want to make a blog post on another blog, then you can add 2 types of content to me.

If you want to find out more about your search engine, then search the content of your blog post. But you have the right to search the image of the search engine as well, so that you can see the image of the image.

Did you find any image from Google? If you search for any image search engine, you will need to type in any keyword type. I want to thank you for your elephant’s image search on Google search engine.

The search of elephant shows the image of the elephant, but it does not appear that you have a search engine that allows you to image the image or if you have any questions about it. To do this, I’ve got an image optimization that has made me friendly to the image.

The image of a friend has been changed because of the search engine image that has the image of the image, but if you want to use the search result then use it.

The file format for JPG, JPG, is that the search engine can not handle the search engine, but if you want to add additional information to the image, then the search engine is sent to the information or the image you have requested. ka hai

To friends have come to your blog to post my image so that you can easily associate your search engine with your search engine or use your image or your search results.

Blogger Image Ko SEO Friendly Kaise Banaye? Full Hindi Guide
Whenever you upload a picture to your blog, I get a link from the image, or I want to link your name to the photo. For example, for example, I am going to post a blog on my blog. upload a message that is not a name-smart2blogging-icon.jpg

If I have uploaded my blog to my blog, then I would like to upload it to the image of a link created by the name of the name of the hoga.

If you want to check your image url, you have to add a picture to your image that has been created by linking it to another. If you can see the image that has been uploaded to me, then I will upload an image url link to this image.

We recommend that you create a link to the image on the same page as soon as possible. If you want to upload your blog to me, please upload your first image to your likelihood of the name of the image and then the name of the url link will be created.

The image url is the image of the image that is related to the search engine us image or it is a problem that I want to get the image of the image.

To friends, you have to search the search engine on your photo url link to get an image of the image, but it is also possible that your blog image may also add additional information to the search engine or even search. From the image you want to identify

Your blog post image has additional information to add to the text that has been added to your property. To get help, I add a property to my blog post.

Why do I add images to my image?

If you want to add your image to the image or to add an image to the image, then click on the menu bar, then click on the menu bar, and then click on the Properties tab. hai

Click on the Properties property to add an Image Properties option, or to either Add Text or ALT text. Chaliye in dono ke bare me apne aapko khupa hai

Title Text – For the first time, you’ve got a great picture of me. Please send me an image of a flower to your liking. The search engine can save your image to the title, because it is your blog image that has the title text.

ALT text – The text of the ALT text is too small, but the image is not showing yet, but the text shows the image that is being displayed. If you do not want to load the image of your blog from the Internet, then you will not be able to add an image to ALT text, but the image will not be loaded until you load the image with ALT text show hoga. The ALT text search engine is read or your blog image is also added.

Title Text is the title of your image or ALT text in my image to me, you can type text or ALT text as well. Click on OK to move the image to the right.


To image optimization, always rename your image and keep its height and width around 750 × 400. Use compress to reduce the file size of image. Image Alt tag and Alt attribute use are very helpful for seo image optimization. And the most important is that the question mark (?) Should not be added to your image slug.

I hope you have a good understanding of how to add an image to your blog post. If you have any confusion related to it then you can comment by asking me. If you like this Image Optimization SEO guide, do not forget to share it with your friends on social media. Thanks!