Is your blog’s meta description right or wrong, do you know how SEO should be friendly? It is important if you want to earn money with online blogs.

You must customize your blog correctly with SEO Friendly, but I do not want to mention all about “on-page and off-page” history in this post. Only post in this post will focus on meta description.

Meta description is a short text preview shown for each search result that summarizes the content of the page. Meta descriptions in the search engine show that when users find it other, they can select text from the page and then create a description like this, although there is no direct impact on the ranking of Meta description, it is also a on-page SEO

I will tell you basic in this post that what is Meta description, how to write good meta description, this post is very needful for those people who started wanting or started as a blogger.

What Are Meta Tags (Title & Descriptions)?

If you have seen how Meta description looks, then there is a special HTML tag at the top of the webpage that looks like this:
<meta name = “description” content = “The meta description is a short text preview for each search result that summarizes the contents of the page. You want to customize the meta descriptions of your blog You should know what the meta descriptions are and how to write good meta descriptions? “/>

You go to the page you want, right-click anywhere on the page, and see the source to see the HTML content of the page.

When you search results æ # 2306; When you search on Google for each listing shown, Google makes a snippet based on the following show.
Page’s Title

Page URL

The dynamic meta descriptions created by the user in the head of the page (<head> </ head>) or the meta description provided by the search engine algorithm.
When I search by typing “Blog SEO” on the search engine and you see the screenshot below which will be seen in this way as Three Relation.

In this case, Google decided to use meta descriptions in the Meta Description setting in the Genesis Framework, but as we will see in the examples given below, this is not always the case and depending on the user query, Google decides It can be decided that it is more relevant to use Meta description created from the page.
Note on the snippet above that the word “SEO” is shown in bold because they actually match the search query. So in this way Meta descriptions works in the search engine, if you want to customize Meta Description in your blog, then focus below.

You should be between 165 and 280 characters when you type Meta descriptions for your page. According to Google Guides, Meta descriptions can have a line or two or a small paragraph.

Look at your Meta descriptions, if you break the rules of SEO, if this platform relies on you WordPress, then you should be used to provide your custom customization framework in which you can write a special area in the above example , Or you can install Yoast SEO and change the Meta descriptions settings.

If you are not on WordPress then you can see the meta descriptions box available in the post or page settings, if your meta descriptions are not SEO friendly, then below it is focused on how SEO should be optimized.

How Can I Check The Meta Tags On A Site?

you can use paid and free tools for check duplicate meta tags on website.

Paid Tools

  • SiteBulb Crawler
  • DeepCrawl
  • Screaming Frog
  • SEO Powersuite Website Auditor

Free Tools

  • Google Search Console

What Are The Most Important Meta Tags For SEO in 2018?


Example : Meta Tags – How Google Meta Tags Impact SEO


Example : Meta tags are snippets of text that describe a page’s content; the meta tags don’t appear on the page itself, but only in the page’s code.


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Here are the important guidelines for writing custom meta descriptions

As mentioned above, your meta descriptions should be between 165-280 characters, try to stay in this category and avoid making your meta descriptions too small or too long.

Meta descriptions should be informative and interesting, include all relevant information in your meta descriptions so that users can understand what this blog is about.

Try to keep your meta description unique and do not copy from another blog.

Describe each page in a unique way and avoid writing general details, which do not accurately describe page content.

It is important to follow the above list which you can write a good SEO friendly meta description.

While writing your meta descriptions, you should be aware that it can be used as part of your snippet, when your page or post is shared on the social media network.

Most Social Media Plugins can use meta descriptions content to create your snippet by default and unless otherwise configured.

Meta descriptions algorithms are not used for ranking purposes using content, but the user is used as a preferably recognizable method for SERPS.

Your CTR (click through rate) by getting good and interesting details means that you have more traffic to your website.

If you go through this guide to write good details, then you may have come to know how SEO Meta descriptions are written.