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Adding and Leveraging a CDN on Your Website

What is HTTPS / SSL?

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a secure version of HTTP. The data that is transferred to your browser and HTTPS enabled website is Secure hota means all your data is encrypted.


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a technology that works with HTTPS, and creates an encrypted link between your web browser and website.

Introducing Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

CloudFlare Free What is HTTPS / SSL?

By the way, there are many websites on the internet that provide you a paid SSL certificate but if you want to use free SSL, then the cloudflare is one of the best option, which secure your website by providing Free HTTPS / SSL. When you create any cloudflare account, you are provided free HTTPS / SSL.


So Friends, let’s know how you can enable CloudFlare Free HTTPS / SSL on your WordPress website / Blog, Step by step complete.

Recruitment For CloudFlare Free HTTPS/SSL Installation on WordPress

Free Cloudflare Account

CloudFlare Plugin

WordPress HTTPS plugin

SSL Insecure Content Fixer

Velvet Blues Update URLs

How to Implement a Content Delivery Network For Your Agency’s WordPress Website (In 4 Steps)

How to setup CloudFlare Free HTTPS / SSL on WordPress Blog

Through this article, you can activate CloudFlare Free HTTPS / SSL on your WordPress blog.

Step 1 – First of all, you can visit, and open Free CloudFlare account, and do not forget to install Cloudflare Free CDN on your blog and also install the Cloudflare plugin. Read this article for more information – CloudFlare Free CDN Increase the Speed of Blog Setup

Step 2 – Now go to WordPress and go to Add new plugin and activate it by downloading the WordPress HTTPS plugin. And select the option according to the image given below.

Step 3 – Then go to the cloudflare account and open the “page rule” page and create new rule. Add your domain to the new Rule exactly like this – http://xyz.Org/* and https: // xyzSet the 2 page rule for both the .org / *, domain and always select HTTPS in the setting.

Step 4 – Now go to Setting >> General on your WordPress blog, then change site URL and address from HTTP to HTTPS.

Step 5 – Congratulation! You have successfully enabled CloudFlare Free HTTPS / SSL on your WordPress blog. Now you can check any of your bog by visiting this website, But HTTPS / SSL is not working properly.

See how easy it was to enable HTTPS on your blog. If your blog is working properly and there is no problem then you can stop it or you can follow the steps.

Fix CloudFlare Free HTTPS / SSL Mixed content Error

If you have installed HTTPS on your blog, but still do not show the green bar on your HTTPS / SSL URL. So do not be disturbed, follow the steps I am following.

Step 1 – First of all, you can download, install and activate on SSL Insecure Content Fixer WordPress blog.

Step 2 – Setting >> Go to SSL Insecure Content Fixer, select the widget in the first option and set the other option as shown in the image below.

Generally, Mixed content error comes when there are some URLs on your blog HTTPS and some are in the HTTP and both of the content is mixed. So this plugin fixes it.

[su_note] Bonus Tips – If you have followed the correct steps correctly, even if your blog is experiencing an error, install 2 new plugin on the WordPress blog, it will automatically fix all your errors.

WordPress SSL

CloudFlare Flexible SSL


Friend, when you move from HTTP to HTTPS, you read the effect on your website’s SEO, like your social count becomes zero, all your internal links occur in HTTP and your site traffic will drop down for a few weeks. So follow these steps to fix all these problems.

How do you change Blog’s All Internal Link from HTTP to HTTPS?

To change all the internal links of WordPress blog, you can download and activate the Velvet Blues Update URLs wordpress plugin and change / replace all your old URLs in the new URL. – to

How do you index the HTTPS version of Blog on Google?

By the way google will automatically detect all your url in HTTPS by detecting your blog URL change.But if you want fast result then follow the step given below –

  • You submit the HTTPS version of the blog and verify it.
  • You submit the HTTPS version sitemap of WordPress Blog.

How to Recover Social Count?

Well, websites such as Google+ and Facebook automatically restore all your count, week sometime month, but you can use paid tool warfare plugins to recover social count from other site.

[su_note] Note – If you migrate from HTTP to HTTPS then your site’s ranking and traffic goes down for a few days. For this you do not get scratched. In some days your site ranking becomes normal. [/ su_note]

So friends, I have completely explained the complete process of migrating your blog from HTTPS to HTTPS through the help of CloudFlare Free HTTPS / SSL of this article. If you are having any problems related to this article then you can ask through comment .