Hello Friends, In this post of today we are going to tell you that you can use H1 to H6 Heading to use the blog post me. Or how to use heading and subheadings in blog post Some time ago a blogger asked me to use heading and subheadings while writing articles. If you are also facing the problem of such a confusion, then this post is for you. If you read this post carefully till last, then all the related issues related to H1 to H6 tags will be removed.

H1 to H6 Heading and Subheadings tips to make your blog 10 time better:
It is very important to have headings in any post. If you write any content without headings, then it is like a Chinese. It seems as if a post was written in Chinese language. Neither do readers like this article nor do the search engine.

The post bounce rate without the headings is very high. Because the readers become bore when reading the content and close the page very quickly.

If you want to write powerful post, you have to follow some heading and paragraph rules.

Rule no.1 – Every heading or subheadings should only write maximum 300 words.

Rule no.2 – Every heading or subheadings should have only two paragraphs.

Rule no.3 – should write maximum 150 words in each paragraph. Thus “one heading = 300 words = 2 paragraph = 150 + 150 words = 300 words”.

Now go ahead and tell you briefly about the H1 to H6 tag (heading and subheadings), what’s the use for their web page or post? How and how to use heading in content

What is a H1 tag?

This is an html tag. Which is used for any web page title. That is, when we share an article or post on our website, the title that is titled is called the H1 tag of that post or page.

If we look at it according to search engine optimization, then it is a very important html tag for our post. Because when search engine crawls any page, then search engine bots first scan related to the keyword H1 tag. That is why inserting good keywords in H1 tag or post title is considered to be the most important for obtaining organic traffic.

What is H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6 tag?

If I talk about the H2 tag, this is the subheading of the web page. Meaning there is a subheading of a post title.

If it is viewed by SEO, H2 tage is also very important for any post or web page. Therefore, we have already mentioned in other post that inserting the related keyword of the post in the subheading H2 is very important for the search ranking of our post, preventing it can be harmful to any blogger.

Now let us talk about the H3 html tag, then it is called the minor heading or the third level heading.

If the contribution of the H3 tag to SEO is also its importance as the H2 tag. This means that if we use H3 minor heading in a post, it is also very important to add related keyword to natural way.

If talked about the H4 tag, it is called the fourth level html tag. It has an equal importance in SEO. Because this tag is used in the web development for sidebar headings.

Similarly, the H5 and H6 HTML tags call web developer respectively as the fifth level and sixth level html tag respectively.

These two html tags do not contribute in search engine optimization according to my own opinion. Both of these tags are used to describe their content in the divide and well form.

By the way, if seen, there is hardly a blogger who uses H5 and H6 tags in his article. If someone uses them, then the article is about 5000+ words. And here in short, I would like to tell that every html tag (H1 to H6) has a specific rule, which is followed by these tags in post or on the web page.

Importance of heading in writing:

It is very important to have headings in any article or post. Through Heading and Subheadings (H1 to H6), we divide our subject well and describe it in a good way. This makes our post user friendly. This means that any reader has a better understanding of the subject.

But some bloggers use heading and subheadings in their post but without reason. Or simply put in words, some bloggers use heading and subheadings in their posts in the Un-natural way, which puts a negative impact on SEO as well as readers. Therefore it is always best for both SEO and readers to use when posting requires a heading.

And this is also 100% true that without heading tag you can not write properly while organizing your content.

Tips for using H1 to H6 right way:

If you are going to write an article for your blog then you should first do a little bit of paper work on that topic, so that you will not wander from your subject. And you can write your content in well formed.

Paper work is best for only two things, first one is keyword research and second is heading and subheadings.

First of all, search the main keyword and related keywords of your subject and write it on paper. Then see what information we have to include within the subject. To make it easy, please note the topic related heading and subheadings paper.

Now let us tell you how to use H1 to H6 tag while properly managing it in your content.

Content use H1 heading tag for SEO?

As mentioned in the beginning of the post, the H1 tag is called the title tag. That is why most attention is paid to it. Because the title tag only scans the search engine first. Therefore, it is to make your post title attractive and to make SEO friendly as well.

Which is the main keyword of your post, it is best to use at the beginning of the title. If this is not possible, then use the main keyword in the middle of the title.

I have seen some bloggers that they use the H1 tag as their heading in their post, meaning they insert two times the H1 tag in their article. In the first title and in the second heading, which is very wrong. We should use the H1 tag as title only.

Post me H2 subheading tag for SEO?

I would like to tell you that using H2 subheading in your post is very important for SEO. In any post, if content is not written using H2 subheading then it is not SEO friendly.

Therefore, to make the article search engine friendly, add H2 subheading and use the main keyword in variation or use related keyword.

How many H2 tags per page or post?

Some time ago a blogger asked me how often can the subheading use H2 in my post? So in this here, we want to clarify that we can use the H2 tag in our post for 1-3 times. But it will not be right to use without needing more than once. If you have any information in a post that is suitable for H2 tag in real, then you can use it as second H2 subheading.

H2 subheading can be used at least once and maximum three times in a post. But remember as far as I know there are very few Hindi bloggers who are able to influence such content through their writing skills. So if you are a newbie or you do not have a good understanding of writing skill, then use subheading only once in your post. Otherwise SEO may be a problem for you. Now you may know that why using subheadings is a good idea.

Post me H3 small heading to use SEO for use?

If you have a post that requires the H3 tag, you can also add it as a minor heading to your post. The H3 tag is also beneficial for the search engine.

In H3 heading, you also have the advantage of using related keyword for SEO. There is no one better place than heading and subheadings for keyword insertion. Therefore, in the small heading, you should also use the related keyword from the post.

Without keyword or keyword phrase any html tags like H1 H2 H3 are useless for all SEOs.

Now a question in your mind must have been coming in how many times can you use the H3 tag in the post? So let me tell you that you can also use it in your post 1-3 times, as per requirement.

Post me H4 heading tag for SEO?

As I mentioned earlier in this post, the H4 html tag is also used for sidebar headings, so its content is not beneficial in some way according to SEO.

But if your content is needed then you can use it. But there is no benefit in its search engine. I do not think this blog uses the title tag for SEO purpose. Yes, it is definitely necessary to use this tag to divide your content properly, if necessary, if necessary.

Post me H5 and H6 tag for SEO?

If you scan any blogger’s blog post, then you yourself will understand that both these headings have not been used in any post. And it is because they have no relation with the search engine. Yes it may be that if a blogger has used any post, then its reason would have been the purpose of dividing it properly.

The length of which these tags are used in length is very high. These headings do not have any need according to SEO. They read the search engine as just bold text.

If I talk about my article, I have used the H4 tag in only a few posts, and that too for the conclusion.

How to add heading and subheadings to your post article?

Some of the new bloggers have started their blogging career just recently and they do not have to insert heading and subheadings properly into their content, so in one by Blogger and in both post for both WordPress platform H1 to H6 tag I’m going to tell add. If you are also a new blogger then you can follow the guide given below.

Blogspot post me H1 to H6 tag inserted?

First open your Blogger post Editor.
Now select the words that you want to heading.
Now click on the option left side me Normal.
Now click on Heading (H2) Subheading (H3) or Minor heading (H4) heading to be made.

How do I add text to H1 to H6 in WordPress?

First open your WordPress post Editor.
Now select the words which are to be heading.
Now click on the option left side me paragraph.
Now click on heading 2 (H2), heading 3 (H3), heading 4 (H4), heading 5 (H5) and heading 6 (H6), heading to make heading.

H1 tag should use good keyword to make post title as SEO friendly. And in your article include the H2 H3 tag also with related keywords or keyword phrase. H2 H3 subheadings can be used 1-3 times in your content.

I would like to tell you that only H1 H2 H3 is beneficial for SEO. But keep in mind that any heading and subheadings should be used only on content requirement. Otherwise, both readers and SEO can have a negative effect, no heading should be added forcibly. If you do not want to use the H4 H5 H6 headings in your content, then there will be no problem with it.

In this way you might have understood that H1 to H6 tags can be used to compile content. If you still have any confusion about heading and subheadings, then you can comment and ask us. And these posts tell us how you liked it too. And if you want to help us please share this post on social media. Thank you