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Google Penalty Recovery Service

Recover Your Rankings and Traffic from a Google Penalty Removal Service

Google is cracking down on spammers in an effort to Improve user experience, and employs manual penalties and algorithm  updates so as to focus on and depute these manipulative sites. sadly, updates will hurt legitimate businesses Who agency were ill-informed, worked with the incorrect “SEO” companies, or Who agency felt that these  Black Hat techniques were the sole thanks to keep competitive.

We have worked with many consumers Who found themselves in dangerous form before turning to US for facilitate. We’re here to inform you that affirmative, you’ll be able to pass though Recover from penalties in Google and updates, and it’s doable to contend while not golf stroke yourself in danger within the future.

How to Determine whether Google has penalized your website or not?

  • Your organic rankings have dropped for keywords targeted by you
  • Organic search traffic or leads is not as picking up
  • Your website is absent on Google “site:”
  • Google Webmaster Tools sends you a warning message regarding unnatural links

Google Panda Penalty Recovery Service:


  • Can’t find your site in Google search engine results.
  • Significant drop in keyword rankings.
  • Decrease in the organic search engine traffic to your site.
  • You receive an alert from Google Webmaster Tools.

Penalty Types

  1. Off-Site Link Penalty
  2. On-Site Link Penalty
  3. Thin Content
  4. Hacked Site
  5. Pure Spam
  6. User-Generated Spam
  7. Spammy Host
  8. Cloaking
  9. Hidden Text or Keyword Stuffing
  10. Spammy Structured Markup

Recovering from a Penalty:

Google Penguin

Our team can manual review your site’s link profile, trying in-depth into and removing link networks, schemes and spam. Once all unnatural links square measure far from your website, our team can produce and promote helpful and interactive links each on and off your website.

Google Panda

By acting a content strength audit, the content team at Eyeflow can grade your website’s current content and overall site usability. Once we tend to pinpoint your drawback areas, we tend to then bear and take the required steps to boost your website, exploring your target market and discovering new content opportunities.

  • Unannounced Updates –  This isn’t very a significant one however generally, you’ll see some anon. updates that simply happen and suddenly, your website tanks with no warning. a lot of usually than not, it’s not very a penalty, however one thing shuffled owing to the update. competitor sites got affected, those linking to your website got affected, therefore your ranking got affected. you’ll be able to simply retreat to to wherever you were during this case. last, there was associate degree update that Moz termed Colossus . it had been confirmed by Google that it’s not Panda or sphenisciform seabird. Another one happened at that time and it’s still not Panda.

Penguin Penalty Recovery Service for Google

Before anything, i’ll do a extremely fast breakdown (I promise) on the items that you just got to confine mind.

Firstly, you’ll be able to get penalized in a LOT of ways.

Google has already explicit the for most common ones:

  • Unnatural links to your site – When you have bad links pointing to your site.
  • Unnatural links from your site – When you are the bad link pointing to somebody else’s site.
  • Hacked site – When your site is reported as a hacked site or is found to be a hacked/phishing site.
  • Thin content with little or no added value – One-page landing sites or blogs with content specifically made for AdSense.  These are often short, keyword-heavy and full of ads.
  • Pure spam – Enough said.
  • User-generated spam – When your site is full of spam caused by UGC. Like unmoderated forums and comment areas.
  • Cloaking and/or sneaky redirects – When you are deliberately cloaking pages for CTR or SEO purposes.
  • Hidden text and/or keyword stuffing – When you make sure your content is full of your main keyword and you even hid keywords in the background using the same color.
  • Spammy freehosts – When you are using a free host and it’s spammy, then you’re one too.
  • Spammy structured markup – Apparently, you can get penalized for misusing structured data now. Since we’ve been developing a schema plugin, I’ve been hammering this. It can get you penalized by having too many errors with structured data so better fix those if you have them. You will get a message in Search Console, too. I haven’t gotten a site to be penalized just by using the wrong information. I’ve been running some really stupid experiments with this lately and I haven’t gotten any problems with wrong information schema yet.

Secondly, it’s not just one type of penalty.

There are Three types that you need to keep in mind:

  • Manual Penalty –This can be once somebody at Google steps in and problems you a manual penalty..
  • Algorithmic Penalty – This can be once associate degree algorithmic rule assesses you a penalty as a result of your website triggers a filter.
  • Combination of Both – It happens once somebody assess you a manual penalty conjointly the algorithmic rule also provides you a penalty.

Lastly, there are differently applied penalties.

Confusing but ingenious on their part to implement it like this.

  • Sitewide Penalty – Your whole site is basically screwed. All your ranking are gone.
  • Keyword-specific Penalty – You are still ranking for some keywords, but the important ones that you’ve been working on have dropped to nothingness.
  • Page-specific (Partial) Penalty – No matter how hard you try, that darned blog post just won’t rank for anything. You’ve been trying for months but it just won’t show up anywhere in the rankings while your other pages are ranking nicely already.

Google Panda Penalty Recovery

If you’ve got unsuitable or duplicate content on your web site then you’re presumably to be fined. you must have ample relevant data with sensible descriptions on your web site for Panda to position you in search rankings.

We conduct recovery beginning with keyword analysis and so making web content wherever keyword stuffing isn’t the priority however quality and helpful content for users is a lot of vital. These pages square measure those that Google Panda can wish to rank higher.

Our Panda Penalty Recovery Process

  • Remove Duplicate Content
  • Perform Thorough Keyword Research
  • Generate Quality Content
  • Optimize Each Page Effectively

Google Penguin Penalty Recovery

Compared to Panda Penalty Recovery, Penguin Penalty Recovery is more difficult because it involves web pages carrying your website links but owned by other hosts. IF you had a poor-quality SEO service provider earlier, then they may have created some bad links to purposely boost your website. These links once found by the Panda algorithm can considerably devalue your website and lower your search engine rankings.

Compared to Panda & Penalty Penalty Recovery is tougher as a result of it involves web content carrying your web site links however closely-held by alternative hosts. IF you had a poor-quality SEO services supplier earlier, then they’ll have created some dangerous and Unnatural links to deliberately boost your web site. These links once found by the Panda algorithmic rule will significantly devalue your web site and lower your Search Engine rankings.

How we perform Google Penguin Penalty Recovery?

  • Gathering  a listing of all the links that time to your website.
  • Get the dangerous links far from their hosts
  • Disavow the links with Google for search rankings
  • Create a thought to make enough valuable links on-line

We consult with Clients and gather all the links that square measure obtainable on-line associated with PR materials, social media mentions, knowledgeable articles and a lot of. This helps US to collect most links inform to your web site from authentic sources. we do not believe promising extraordinary rankings however we tend to believe giving the peace of mind of nice efforts to urge the best search rankings mistreatment the suitable approach.

If you’ve been hit with a penalty, or simply don’t understand why your traffic has born recently, Contact US nowadays. We’ll get to rock bottom of why you’re having the problems, and assist you produce a thought to pass though your Search Engine penalty.