What kind of keywords should he do in the post title of the blog

Targeting Keywords: Post Title I You are about to read a topic here. If you want to select a keyword you would like to use here.
Do not Repeat Keywords: Do not repeat the keyword as you would “On-Page SEO Is It Or On Page SEO Full Guide” One keyword is repeated by two bars. I can use some of these things. “On Page SEO What Is Content: Content Perfect” First topic is the keyword that has been repeated twice. Or the other words on the second topic on the page, or the perfect optimization 2-3 keywords have been found.
Add Famous Words: Post title “Top, Best, Important, Most Helpful, Review, Full Guide and Other Famous Words
Add 0-9 Numbric: Post title to number is also used. Visitor also asked me to post 5, 10, 15 and other tips and tricks.
Use Only 35 to 60 words: Post title from (Mini) 35 characters or (max) 70 characters with no word yet. If you were to use 70 words, you could not even show results in the results.
Main keywords: If you have any questions about the topic, you should use the keyword to post a comment. I am going to post a comment on the content of my main or any other post. The example of this is the first keyword of the article on the tour with just on my site. Or you can see that this article is the only one that has been given to me.

#2 Blog Post Permalink

Post title to permalinks also helps me to play an impotent role. Permalink also helps you with targeting or main keywords. Permalink has usernames that have been submitted to the URL. Follow me on your keywords using keywords.
Remove Extra Words: I would like to remove extra words from the post or use only keywords. Click the link from the blog, brackets, comma etc. remove Jaise “yourname.com/0ne-page-seo-kya-hai-content-ko-perfect-optimize-kaise-ki-jankari” URL to “yourname.com/on-page-seo-content-optimization”
Choose Short Permalink: The URL of the post which is to be saved Jyada lumba did not show me anything at all.
Add Targeting Keywords: Permalink me keywords to use keywords or permalink to target keywords as the title or content of my keywords.

#3 Post Meta Tag Description

The description of the search engine title or permalink in the search box is very important. If you have been using your tag description instead of using your tag, then you will get a search result.

Meta tag, which helps me to search keywords in the top page.

The meta descriptions are written to 160 characters in my post summary. If you have any queries, please use the related keywords in the description below. If you want to search traffic theft

Meta descriptions will also help you find words that are user-friendly. Use the user friendly phrase to search the words you have used here. Sabhi focuses on the search engine’s postal tag as well.

#4 Post Heading Tags

  • You have to type H2, H3, H4 H5 or H6 headings to highlight your words. You have been asked to go to SEO You do not have the matlab nor do you have to add the heading tag to the bar bar again.
  • H1 heading to the content of me only for a post title, I can use it or my blog is already posting already h1 tag me. Hi, I can not comment on YouTube or any other video that has been added to my content. The video can be used by the H1 tag. This is not a jaruri
  • H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, I can not use any of my post content in my tag. For SEO, you can add 2 headlines to your content using the content.
  • If you want to use H2, H3 and other heading tag, use bar to repeat the URL. Or you can search your site for a search by visiting the site.
  • 300 words of bad H2, have been used or have been added to the content of 1000 words of the word “H2 Tag” 3 times.
  • You can use two heading tags in H2 with H2, H4 and then using one of the three tags in the heading, you can use the same 3 heading to get the results of your SEO.
    Post me heading can not be used as a bar, but I can use it for 3-5 times. It’s easy to add 300 words to 1 bat H2 tag 1000 word hai to 3 bar.

#5 Images Optimization

Images optimize: Use my images to see how your visitors use your fan ban ban on images. Kyuki ek image has been uploaded to 1000 words. Please use the logo to access it.

I am going to play a lot of pictures of my friends in front of the images. For images on this page, you can add them to the next page.

  1. Add images to the tag or title to the images. I’m looking for a better search engine.
  2. Post only the images on your post. Using Useless Images to Get Bad SEO
  3. Images can be used to add keywords to your keywords or keywords.
    If you are going to post any images, please use the image of the image of the image size. Please do not send your blog to the loading speed. Get your blog fast open Site speed is slowing down in the search rankings.

# 6 Use best Keywords

The keyword search engine has more traffic than it used to be. Whenever there is a search engine I have searched or searched for the keywords you are searching for, then the search engine will be able to access the first page.

One keyword can not use 1.5% to 2.5%. You can not republish your keywords from the address bar in order to add 100 words to your keywords.

You can use keywords in the first paragraph or last paragraph form. But the keywords of the image have been removed from the related images. You can search for keywords in the first paragraph keywords.

  • Highlight, Bold, Underline and Italic Keywords: Jaruri (Important) Keyword highlighted, bold, underline or italic. To search for a robots or visitor, search the keywords as you like.
  • Anchor Text: Is this your blog to use
    You can do keywords in the first place to search the blog for the first rank. Whether to add keywords to other keywords or to use these keywords, I still have a lot of content.

Why can not I use 2.5% of my keywords for blog keywords? Isliye behart ye hai hain hain hai hain hain ko aapne mein 1000 words If you want to add a word to your word, then use the word “Search for” in the search box.

#7 Loading Fast Speed Optimization

Please check the search engine website’s loading speed. If you are looking for a site that is loading fast then google search robots will automatically search for your site and index it.

If your site is slow, you can ignore a Google site or an index of your site’s content. If you are looking for a site or search site, then search the site.

To improve the speed of the website, you will be able to use the theme for fast loading theme or template. Show or hide content from the home page of the site. You can also add widgets to your home page. Downloading the best blog themes for WordPress

Blog’s home page has 10 posts to show in 5-7 posts. This is the home page of the size of the page that will open on your site fast open. The website blog’s loading speed is only being counted.

If you want to visit the site, please visit the site from 4-5 seconds to open it. If your site is open for you to open in a while, you may want to make some problems.

#8 Add External & Internal Links

The link to the post of content on your blog, or links to any of your website links, is added to the SEO for more information. Or you can add a link to another site or another site on your site.

You can use links to add links to sites. Jo 100% belongs to SEO

External Links: If you have any links to other sites or links to external links, please click here. If you are going to go ahead with Google for example, then add a link to Google for you to do so. This is a search engine based on your site.
Internal Links: If you want to add a link to your post later, then you have to add a link to it. Or have you ever asked anyone for SEO Or you are only asking me to add another link to this post in this link. Jaise blogging is a great way to add a link to your blogging link. Add or remove links from the category
If you click on another page or other page or link to your site, then search the site for your site’s ranking. This is my site’s page views.

#9 Content Per Post

You can add 100-200 words to your search engine when you first start the page, but you do not even have to search for it.

You have to type 300 words in my name or I do not have any idea why you have 700 800 words in my word here, I am going to give you 1000 words or I want to send you a message from the Hindi language. hai

We do not have a search engine that allows us to read our text after going to the topic, but we do not provide any information. If you are interested in doing this, please read the full text of your blog.

Or you have a right to comment on the subject of 1000 words in this topic.

#10. Post Content Quality

post content quality. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. I want to know which information you have on your web site.
We are going to share some topics with the topic here. The content of these articles has already been sorted out by people on the internet, but it is high on the high traffic market. Kyuki has never been able to send any information or information about the document.
You are not able to add any more search results to search engines. If you want to search for me, I can search for a time.