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As you may know, the world’s largest search engine is Google itself and Google keeps changing its search on the day-to-day, so everyone’s mind goes after worrying about SEO, how to do your blog website’s search engine optimization And they only give their time to think this, but if you want to do one thing, whenever Google makes changes to their search, then it has a motive and the bo says that its user wants to Statistics, all the user him to do something for them.
That’s why Google wants you to remain with your full preparation as soon as you make changes to google SEO, you can also change the SEO settings of the blog you find. If you say that your site has come to the top and shows more search, you will have to do SEO of your blog.

How To SEO Blog Website

There are many types of SEO, but work is just one. If you want to do SEO of your blog then you have to do it in a lot of ways but work will be the only one of you Bo is getting good rank through SEO.
There are two types of SEO that are black hat SEO and White hat SEO. These are two ways that we can do SEO of your blog but there are two ways of doing this but one way is to sink your blog website and one way to blog your blog. Can best rank.
We should never use black hat SEO because it has a big difference in our blog’s SEO. We are giving some below points to know about Black Hat SEO, which you can understand.

What is Black Hat SEO?

The way to adopt black hat seo may be right for you for some time. This way, you can do this for a short time, as long as you take the time to rank 1 year as Black Seo will do in 1 hour.
When we buy trend treffic from some other site, it is called Black Hat SEO which does not like the search engine.
When you buy a premium backlink from anything, they do not like search engines.
If you go to any other site on the Internet, where Bo disrupts that the content of your website will come in top of the search and you deal with it, then search engine dislike it.
If you are a local content on the water website blog, then the search engine can not even rank it.
If you publish 1 of 2 articles on your blog, then search engines will not rank any of your articles.
If we call the black hat SEO simple, it would mean “if we work against the search engine then it will be black hat SEO”. So if you want top rank in the search engine then do not fight with the search is to work with Friendship.

What does “White Hat Seo” mean?

If you have understood “black hat SEO” then you do not need to understand white hat SEO, just to understand that we have to work with “Black Hat SEO” which the search engine says to sell you if you are with Google If you want to work, you can follow the formula of SEO.
If you want your content to come top in search then you have to work with Google and you have to do what Google says.
If you follow Google’s formula then you will not get any problems, no matter how updated. In SEO you just follow google.

How To Blog? What Should YOU write in a blog?

You are telling me a lot of steps below which you can do SEO settings on your blog.

Keyword research: First of all, if you want to write the article, first you do a related keyword with it and you write the article on the same keyword which is the most searched and the competition is less on it.
Write Post Minimum 2000-3000 Words: You may have seen more than 2000 words above the upper primary article, Ydoxy Blog. You can see the articles of those who will be of the highest word. So write long article.

Keyword Density 3%: Whatever article you are considering, the focus of your article is to use 3%, that is, “3 times in article 100 words” is not to be used more than that.

Use Image in article: You can use the image as much as possible in your article, this does not mean that you should use extra image whenever you need it. Whenever you use the image, do not forget to do its SEO. No fayadera to use the image.

Short SEO Friendly Permalink: Permalink is the url of your post which was the main part of the article. You can use it as a short, you just put your ‘Focus Keyword’ in it. You can use your main keywortd in it so that Permalink Short & SEO is Friendly.

Search Description: 90% of your blog is part of this, you have to give all your article information in just 150word, so that the search engine can read what is in it. So you should use the search description and more than 150 words.